Societal Impact

Panel debate Tom Nijs was member of a panel on populism at Festival Europa. He talked about populism and the role of collective psychological ownership in explaining populist voting. Festival Europa was organized by Utrecht University and TivoliVredenburg. Politicians, scientists, writers, and artists (e.g., Jan Terlouw, Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer, Amber Arcades, Kees van den Bos) discussed a variety of topics related to Europe and European elections. Tom was part of the panel together with Anton Jäger and Léonie de Jonge, moderated by Rogier Elshout.
School lecture Tom Nijs gave a number of guest lectures in 2018 and 2019 at Utrecht Stedelijk Gymnasium. Tom talked about social science in general and about his research specifically. He assisted and reviewed students' own social scientific studies.
Panel Debate Borja Martinović was a panelist in a session titled "Etched into our memory" (27 November 2018) organized by Studium Generale in collaboration with the Utrecht Young Academy. The theme of the meeting was to reflect on important societal developments and discussion that took place in 2018. Borja discussed her research on ownership claims in the light of upcoming Brexit. Studium Generale lectures at Utrecht University are open to the general public.
Podcast Borja Martinović on Nativism and Sociology of Intergroup Prejudices (16 January 2018). Voice of UYA, a podcast created by Sanli Faez of the Utrecht Young Academy
Press Borja Martinović commented on the electoral succes of the far-right populist party in the Netherlands for an article that appeared in The Washington Post entitled "In the Netherlands, a far-right groundswell also reveals immigrants’ new sway."
Public lecture Borja Martinović at Booghkring, Utrecht Leidsche Rijn
Press Tom Nijs and Borja Martinovic were interviewed by Dutch newspaper Trouw about the OWNERS research project, and more specifically, about how ownership feelings play a role in politics. The article is in Dutch.
Press Tom Nijs was interviewed about right-wing populism in The Netherlands by Norwegian public broadcaster NRK.
Press Tom Nijs was interviewed in the Amsterdam radio show Radio Swammerdam to tell about his dissertation
Class lecture As part of the ‘Meet the professors’ event, On 22 March 2023, Borja Martinović talked about her research on territorial ownership, and about the her work at the university in general, with primary school pupils at the Montessori school in Bilthoven, the Netherlands.
Public engagement Borja Martinović was one of the 20 researchers from Utrecht University whose research was featured in the booklet ‘Zoek het uit!’ (Figure it out!) that came out in 2023 in collaboration with the University Museum. The booklet is meant for primary school children and the aim is to familiarize them with scientific research by conducting small experiments in class or at home. Borja’s experiment was based on her team’s research on territorial ownership and intergroup relations.
Press Borja Martinović's research on ownership was featured in the Science section of the Croatian Emigrant Almanac published in 2023. In this section prominent Croatian academics working abroad are interviewed about their research.