A symposium on collective psychological ownership at the ISPP meeting in San Antonio

Borja Martinović organized a symposium entitled “Collective psychological ownership of a territory and its consequences for intergroup relations” for the International Society for Political Psychology (ISPP) conference in San Antonio, USA. The symposium consisted of four papers presented by Nora Storz, Ana Figueiredo, Wybren Nooitgedagt, and Maykel Verkuyten.

Nora Storz gave a presentation entitled ‘Ethnic identification, collective psychological ownership, and reconciliation in territorial conflict regions’; Wybren Nooitgedagt presented his research on ‘Autochthony and intergroup relations in settler societies: the mediating role of collective guilt’; Maykel Verkuyten presented research conducted together with Tom Nijs entitled ‘Losing OUR country: the distinctiveness, triggers, and consequences of ownership threat’.