A symposium on autochthony at the ISPP meeting in Lisbon

Borja Martinović organized and chaired a symposium entitled “Are first (autochthonous) inhabitants more entitled to a territory? Evidence from five national contexts” at the International Society for Political Psychology (ISPP) conference in Lisbon, Portugal. The symposium consisted of five papers presented by Magdalena Bobowik (The University of the Basque Country), Wybren Nooitgedagt (Utrecht University), Nora Storz (Utrecht University), Sabina Toruńczyk-Ruiz (University of Warsaw), and Anna Wnuk (University of Warsaw).

Wybren Nooitgedagt presented his research on “Autochthony, investment, and conquest as arguments for assigning territorial ownership among indigenous and non-indigenous groups in Chile’. The presentation by Nora Storz was about ‘Reconciliation intentions in Kosovo: The role of autocracy and the perceptions of equal territorial ownership of the conflicting groups’. Finally, Sabina Toruńczyk-Ruiz presented her research project entitled ‘Local participation and attitudes towards migrants among established and new residents of a neighborhood: Role of autochthony and place attachment’.